FUNNY WATER is flavored water with alcohol and no carbonation.

What does FUNNY WATER taste like?

Funny Water tastes like the fruit-infused water you can get at a spa or in a hotel lobby…. light, refreshing, non-carbonated water with a hint of flavor.

How much alcohol is in FUNNY WATER?

FUNNY WATER was intentionally designed with a lower 3.75% ABV to encourage safer drinking habits and better hydration, allowing you to drink and socialize longer when you’re out with friends. Think of it as the good decision that prevented all the bad ones.

What type of alcohol is in FUNNY WATER?

Funny Water is made from a sugar brew (fermented cane sugar).

Is FUNNY WATER gluten-free?

Is water wet? (yes, it is).

Does FUNNY WATER have any sugar or carbs?

Funny Water has 0g of sugar and 1 lonely gram of carbohydrate.

How can I contact the FUNNY WATER team?

You can reach us at hi@funnywater.com