Funny Water

Finally, a reason to drink water.

The responsible way to behave irresponsibly.

We’re sorry it’s come to this…

FUNNY WATER is alcoholic water. Yep, you read that right—alcoholic water.

This light, refreshing beverage has no carbonation, zero sugar, and a lower ABV of 3.75% so that you can remember the nights you’ll never forget.

Think of it as the responsible way to behave irresponsibly.



We brought tarty to the party. Our newest flavor starts with a hint of sweetness that gently transitions into a subtle tartness, culminating in a pleasantly refreshing finish.

Cucumber Mint

Delightfully crisp yet refreshingly pretentious, this immaculate combination of cucumber, mint, and alcohol is as light as it is delicious. It’s the perfect reward after a half-assed workout and the ideal remedy for a night in with the in-laws.


A boozy treat that’s never too sweet, this seedless wonder is rich with flavor and ripe for the drinking. It’s the ideal companion for every occasion, whether that’s a summer cookout or the Sunday scaries.


Sunny and light with a sweet and sour bite, this sassy citrus is brimming with natural flavors and only 80 calories. It’s been said to make beach days brighter and zoom meetings shorter. 

Blueberry Açaí 

When having a case of the blues is actually a good thing. This tropical sensation blends the mildly sweet taste of ripe blueberries with tart açaí for a smooth sip with a light berry flavor.

Jalapeño Lime

If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the fridge. This fiery favorite brings aromas of mild pepper spice and fresh lime juice for a light drinking experience with a spicy kick.

Ginger Lemon

Known for being the zest of the bunch, this refreshing balance of natural flavors results in an aromatic drinking experience that is never overpowering.

Non-Alcoholic Funny Water

Coming Soon


Funny Water T-Shirts


Crafted to make you look like a tall glass of water… with booze in it.